New Online Gantt Chart Technology

Over the years at Hot Project, we have tried many different Online Gantt Chart technologies. Some have been flash, Java, HTML, Even Excel!
All of these solutions have had their benefits and issues – but there had been no perfect solution.

Now, I am pleased to say we have found a new Gantt Chart technology – called ‘Ext Gantt’ from Bryntum.

This Gantt Chart technology is purely HTML/ Javascript based, so it is not dependant on any special plugins. It has many great features – and it works on all browsers (including partial support for iPad.)

The technology is fully integrated into Hot Project – with no additional license for you to pay.

The new features of this online Gantt Chart include:

  • Drag and Drop task time changes
  • Create tasks on the timeline
  • Delete tasks on the timeline
  • Great print support
  • Highlight critical path
  • Time shift ‘cascading’ to update a whole timeline
  • Parent/Child function works seamlessly with Hot Project Parent/Child task
  • Task % Complete fields
  • Inline edit for Task Title, Start Date, End Date, % Complete

Learn more and try our system at


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