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New Features – Aspose Total

We are pleased to announce new features in the area of Document Management for Hot Project. As from July 2013, our Enterprise product will offer the following tools: – Automatic creation of thumbnails for MS Word files – Conversion of Power Point files to PDF for Preview – Upgrade of Sticky Notes to support MS

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New Online Gantt Chart Technology

Over the years at Hot Project, we have tried many different Online Gantt Chart technologies.¬†Some have been flash, Java, HTML, Even Excel! All of these solutions have had their benefits and issues – but there had been no perfect solution. Now, I am pleased to say we have found a new Gantt Chart technology –

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Joomla Bamboo – Interview

 Friends of ours over at Joomla Bamboo were kind enough to interview me for the launch of the new Hot Project interface. The interview looks great Рwhich I would expect given they are an awesome template design team! Hopefully this will be the first of many interviews and public promotions of the our new

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