Project Management in a crisis situation

Though the definition of a crisis situation may vary across industries, it is globally accepted that any crisis requires clear lines of communication, calm thinking and efficient people management. A web-based project management system suits this perfectly.

Pressing deadlines and a need for rapid response can tempt some project managers to abandon their software platform as too time consuming and frustrating for a crisis situation. However, the benefits of a reliable project management system could be the difference between your business surviving a crisis or failing.

A well set up project management system enables you and your staff to communicate in real time, whilst logging the conversation and allowing responsibilities to be assigned to individual people (avoiding the dreaded ‘I thought you were doing that’ moment). Having to create and assign tasks, rather than just issuing verbal instructions, allows time to question the necessity of each task. In a crisis situation, do you find staff wasting time on a task that isn’t important anymore?

During a crisis, a project management dashboard which illustrates current tasks and any staff members who are available is an invaluable resource. Having this one-page progress update might be the difference between your team surviving a stressful experience or falling apart.

These benefits are really just tip of the iceberg and include the bare minimum of features from a project management system. Amongst the wide range of project management systems currently on the market, there are some great features which could prove invaluable in a crisis.

Hot Project’s drag and drop scheduling of tasks allows you to not only quickly plan and edit the workflow for your project, but also gives you an invaluable tool for visualising and communicating the workflow. The document management system that is built into Hot Project allows you to upload a document once and make it available to everyone from one central hub, avoiding having people searching through emails searching for old files.

A crisis situation is a time when you need your team at its best, and a good project management system should be an invaluable part of your team. Stress test your system and ensure you can rely on it under stress. Make sure all of your staff are trained on the system, no one wants to be training in an emergency. Most of all, ensure your system has the tools you need, and you will find yourself with a clearer head and a more effective team.

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