Using Flash in a Project Management System

The tumultuous history of Flash appears to be coming to an end with Adobe’s recent announcement that it will embrace HTML5. What affect will this have on the online project management industry, and perhaps more poignant, will this change the technologies your business has come to depend on?

Purchased by Macromedia in 1996, Flash was rapidly adopted by web users and developers alike. Just 4 years later, it was used by over 96% of web users and by 2001 it had grown beyond a design tool into a functional application builder.

Despite the rapid growth, the Flash platform has often been criticised for its intrusiveness and lack of usability. Apple has long refused to embrace the technology, with late founder Steve Jobs saying “the mobile era is about low power devices, touch interfaces and open web standards – all areas where Flash falls short.”

The emergence of HTML5 (a Flash-killer according to Jobs) looks set to address these shortfalls, adding support for a range of multimedia content with enhanced performance on mobile devices. Adobe has announced that it will discontinue Flash and embrace the new HTML5 technology for its applications going forward.

Hotproject users will be happy to know that we are already taking advantages of many of the opportunities presented by HTML5. The new interface (preview it on our Facebook page) offers a faster and more functional way for users to interact with the software.

That being said, existing Flash applications will continue to run unaffected by this change. Although you are unlikely to see many new Flash-based software packages released now, features like the HotProject Gantt chart, which uses Flash to deliver the visual drag & drop task management, will continue to operate as normal.

If the future plays out as expected, web users will benefit from more efficient and user friendly websites and applications without the need to download updates and add-ons. Mobile users, especially those with Apple devices should notice a marked increase in sites that can be easily viewed on phones and tablets.

Overall, HTML5 will make the web a less frustrating and more productive place to do business, and given productivity is at the core of Hot Project, this long awaited announcement is a win for us, our software and our customers.

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